Monthly Archives: March 2010

I am LIVE!

So, when I started out on this photography venture, I never really thought about turning it into a business. To be honest, I never thought

The happiest of days.

Sometimes, when you least expect you, you hear the innermost thoughts of someone special. It’s weird how it happens. It’s weird

Christina & Jack : Engaged

“It’s all for her” is what he told me. “I’m here for her”. With those sweet words, I sorta melted and I

Allison : Whenever

Do you need a reason to take pictures? No, not really. I mean, most people think you need to have some kind of life milestone to hire a

Geovanna & Omar : Engaged

It all started with a bench. There wasn’t anything special or significant about the bench. Not yet, anyway. Just a normal green bench

Feelin’ free…

This morning, I woke up feeling free. Not the kind of free you feel when you get to sleep in, or the kind of free you feel when you knock

The New & Improved Me

A rebrand has been in the works for quite some time. After a lot of thought, sleepless nights, crying fits and inspirational conversations,

Courtney & Tomoji : Engaged

Courtney and Tomoji are like a breath of fresh air. Like peaking through the clouds on a rainy day. Actually, let me start over, they WERE