Monthly Archives: June 2010

Winne & Euse : Married

Winne and Euse are two of the most gracious people I have ever met. Genuine, hospitable and just all around lovely. Since day one,

Happy & Honeymoons

I’m not a professional wedding planner. Or a psychiatrist. Or a psychic. But I do see a lot of weddings. And I AM a woman &

Valerie & Chris : Married

“I backed my car into a cop car, the other day. Well he just drove off, sometimes life’s okay.” That’s when I tuned

A little R&R

Bathing suits. Sand. Ocean. Umbrella drinks. Instax. Husband man. Next week, that’ll be my world. I guess you can call it our

Angie & Jeff : Engaged

Sometimes it’s as simple as having good friends. Good friends that know you enough to say “Hey, I know someone that’s

Christina & Jack : Married

“Wait, don’t all grooms do it?” Jack sweetly said to me as we waited for Christina. “Maybe some grooms do it. Not

Jean & Justin : Married

All of his groomsmen insisted. During their 10-man joint toast to their friend Justin, they stood up and proclaimed that she made him the