Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sharone & Bern : Engaged

It’s amazing when you start to think of the circumstances of people coming into your life. Sometimes it’s by coincidence,

Krystal & Matt : Engaged

Do you ever have a shared moment, where something clicks, you get a smile on your face and really, there’s no reason why it happened?

Here’s the thing…

Life is beautiful. People in my life are absolutely wonderful. It’s a privilege to share the same air. How did this happen? Surely,

Vanessa & Arnie : Engaged

They met on a perfect blind date. I know what you’re thinking…that almost never happens, right? Technically, you’re

Amanda & Eric : Engaged

New Year’s Eve. New York. Sparkly. Friends and wishes. Drinks and laughs. Hugs and kisses. It’s the time you can grab

A mind, blown.

I stood there with my jaw on the floor. I expected a colorful love-filled fiesta. I really did. But I was blown away by the absolute

Vanessa & Daniel : Married

The tears flowed. And she hadn’t even stepped into her dress yet. “I think we’re going to need A LOT of tissues