Monthly Archives: August 2010

Angie & Jeff : Married

He thanked her for being her. He thanked her for welcoming him into her life with open arms. He thanked her for loving him. But most of

Paola & Sergio : Engaged

They met on a “group hang”. Paola’s cousin was dating Sergio’s best friend. They were dragged along and neither of

Vikki & Octavian : Engaged

The Getty. A first date. A proposal. A vow to spend a lifetime together. That’s their story…up to this point. Vikki and Octavian are

Pure Imagination

Beauty, loyalty and an imagination is all you really need to succeed. Who knew a childhood movie had all the answers? Come with me and

Amanda & Eric : Married

Vibrant & full of life. Simple & cheerful. Natural & perfect. That’s how I would describe Amanda and Eric. Their wedding


Gorgeous Nea. I told her I wouldn’t blog these, but, she’s too beautiful not to share just a few. I wanted her to remember this