Monthly Archives: September 2010

Evie & Daniel

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You each have another person to sit with, laugh with, struggle together, build a future, hold hands with.

Nicole & Gonzalo : Married

He took her along with him. He figured it was fine. A night out with Nicole and his 15 of his closest buddies…ON THEIR FIRST DATE.


I had such a great week full of fun meetings, seeing friends, awesome shoots and quality time spent with my man. Things were topped off

Vinscena & Sean : Engaged

It’s that connection you make. The first impression, although not always what you dreamed it to be, is important. The feelings you

Sharone & Bern : Married

They met on Halloween. They both were attending Penn State at the time, and like most college kids, each of them had plans to dress up in

Vanessa & Arnie : Married

They’ve been together as long as anyone can remember. I think after 10 years, people just sort of stopped counting and just knew that

Wendy & Bobby : Engaged

It started out as a typical Saturday night. You know, the kind of night where your only intention is to relax, unwind and share


Sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest places. Dark corners that you’d never think to look in. Places that you’d