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Evie & Daniel

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You each have another person to sit with, laugh with, struggle together, build a future,View full post »

Nicole & Gonzalo : Married

He took her along with him. He figured it was fine. A night out with Nicole and his 15 of his closest buddies…ONView full post »


I had such a great week full of fun meetings, seeing friends, awesome shoots and quality time spent with my man. ThingsView full post »

Vinscena & Sean : Engaged

It’s that connection you make. The first impression, although not always what you dreamed it to be, is important.View full post »

Sharone & Bern : Married

They met on Halloween. They both were attending Penn State at the time, and like most college kids, each of them hadView full post »

Vanessa & Arnie : Married

They’ve been together as long as anyone can remember. I think after 10 years, people just sort of stopped counting andView full post »