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Shirley & Aslan : Married

Shirley & Aslan make each other better. No, actually, they make each other light up. They have found that specialView full post »

Happy Birthday, Steven

Dear B, oh happy day to you! Your birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but starting the celebration a little early isView full post »

Kelly & Ivo : Baby

Carrying a new life is one of the most beautiful progressions to witness. A woman’s body growing and changing,View full post »

Anna & Alex : Married

Anna and Alex met and fell in love in New York. But that’s just a small snippet of their big story. ThroughoutView full post »

New York loves me back.

Every Friday, I like to reflect on the gift I’ve been given for a career. I like to think about where I’veView full post »

Shirley & Aslan : Engaged

Shirley and Aslan are incredibly darling. I’ve always believed that like attracts like and the moment this coupleView full post »