Monthly Archives: March 2011

Shirley & Aslan : Married

Shirley & Aslan make each other better. No, actually, they make each other light up. They have found that special someone to laugh

Happy Birthday, Steven

Dear B, oh happy day to you! Your birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but starting the celebration a little early is just the way we do

Kelly & Ivo : Baby

Carrying a new life is one of the most beautiful progressions to witness. A woman’s body growing and changing, preparing to make lots

Anna & Alex : Married

Anna and Alex met and fell in love in New York. But that’s just a small snippet of their big story. Throughout their lives and their

New York loves me back.

Every Friday, I like to reflect on the gift I’ve been given for a career. I like to think about where I’ve been, what my dreams

Shirley & Aslan : Engaged

Shirley and Aslan are incredibly darling. I’ve always believed that like attracts like and the moment this couple was sent my way by