Monthly Archives: May 2011

Nicole & Esteban : Engaged

They like to travel. No, scratch that. They love to travel. Travel holds a special place in their hearts. Full of memories and laughs and

Ruby & Mike : Married

Remember when I shot Ruby & Mike’s engagement session and I mentioned that Mike enjoyed a good that’s what she said and

You & Me

In 2002, you took me to the beach. It was 3 weeks after we met and all my thoughts were consumed by my hopes and dreams for the life we

Just Me.

I ran across something I wrote in 2009 when I first starting letting myself be vulnerable online. Really putting myself out there and

Michelle & George : Married

I am always amazed how different all the weddings I get to shoot are. Each one so unique to the couple. Each one chock full of unabashed

Dolores & Jonathan : Baby

There is nothing sweeter than the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world. Add in a beautiful couple, sweet smiles, lots of