Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nina & Chris : Engaged : Los Angeles, CA

It’s a trend I see in them, my couples. My couples love color. Vibrant and lots of it. They love to laugh and let go, to just

Out & About.

Just a quick note to let my clients and potential clients (and all of you that just like to stop by to look at pretty things) a heads up. I

Exploration of Women : Boudoir : Los Angeles, Ca

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in the wonderful art of women & boudoir. I have always wanted to explore the relationship between a

Tina & Henry : Engaged : Hermosa Beach, Ca

Tina & Henry are the quiet type. They have an easy kind of love. A gentle, unassuming kind of love. No words necessary, really. The way

Jenny & Russ : Married : Smog Shoppe, Los Angeles, CA

They met on a rainy evening. After our first consult, that’s most of what I knew about Jenny & Russ’s first encounter. I