Angie & Jeff : Engaged

Sometimes it’s as simple as having good friends. Good friends that know you enough to say “Hey, I know someone that’s perfect for you!” and truly mean it. That’s how it happened for Angie and Jeff. Mutual friends. First dates. Smiles. Tears. Happiness. Voila! Now, life! And although there’s lots of story to tell about Angie and Jeff’s relationship, I think keeping it simple best describes the two of them.

I love when clients show up and are completely up for anything. Good mood, uplifting spirit, anything goes. The day was gorgeously sunshine-y. Until we arrived at our location and the fog rolled in. While most couples would be sad, Angie and Jeff were just happy to be together. And I know I say this a lot but really, I had so much fun with them. I always tell my couples that I capture what you put in front of me. Angie and Jeff had no problem laughing, falling, kissing and just being them. Loved this session. So much.

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Ssunlight is fun but the light this day was just beautiful. P.S. Ang – you’re stunning!This is about when I said the ‘P’ word. Works every time!I’d love to think that I’m ultra hilarious and that’s the reason Angie is laughing. But the truth is, she almost tripped. And I just happened to catch it. LOVE. So much!

After a quick outfit change, we grabbed the last bit of light before the really dark clouds rolled in.

I love how you can see sheer love in this image. The sweetest!

  • Beautiful images Ala!!!!

  • Jeff

    You did an amazing job Ala. Thanks for everything!

  • i think this is my fav e session from you because its so simple but so freakin amazing. they just look so happy and in love. beautiful!

  • Super adorable. I love the tall grass! :)

  • Roxana

    Spectacular….Love is so real on those pics, great job too, I love it!!!

  • Angie

    Ala, you did such an amazing job, and we has SO MUCH FUN! thank you so much for giving us these wonderful memories!

  • beautiful! Love the ocean view in the background. :)

  • Araceli

    Beautiful Pictures!! Where was this? It’s gorgeous!

  • These are gorgeous. I can feel the love! Great job!!

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