Breathe me.

…hold me, wrap me up
unfold me 
I am small 
and needy 
warm me up 
and breathe me …


Okay, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely enamored with the female body. Dang. Women are beautiful. I really enjoy showing you how amazing you truly are. xoxo

insanely beautiful, ala. i would easily want a boudoir-like shoot with you — and that’s not something i say easily. you capture a woman and her essence with perfection and grace.

Look at my BPF looking all kinds of hot and gorgeous! Great job, Ala! These shots are beautiful!

each image is so beautifully done. looooove!



Ive only recently discovered your work (and am now stalking you on twitter !)… its just gorgeous… a real inspiration to me.

This set of images is stunning… absolutely perfection.

Best wishes


great post, and I love how you shoot. nicely done.
I also love the new blog header!

Completely in love with this session – the images are super creative and so soft & pretty at the same time. You are amazing my dear!

These are just stunning! The lighting and the way you captured these = perfection. Everything about these pictures are fabulous :)

just lovely.

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