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Valerie & Chris : Engaged

They have big plans. In life and in love. Valerie works in New York and Chris is attending medical school in Philadelphia. But very soon,

Christina & Jack : Engaged

“It’s all for her” is what he told me. “I’m here for her”. With those sweet words, I sorta melted and I

Geovanna & Omar : Engaged

It all started with a bench. There wasn’t anything special or significant about the bench. Not yet, anyway. Just a normal green bench

Courtney & Tomoji : Engaged

Courtney and Tomoji are like a breath of fresh air. Like peaking through the clouds on a rainy day. Actually, let me start over, they WERE

Kelly & Ivo : Engaged

Kelly & Ivo are warm souls. You meet them, and without a word, you feel at ease. They are happy, genuine and in love. It doesn’t