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Out & About.

Just a quick note to let my clients and potential clients (and all of you that just like to stop by to look at pretty things) a heads up. I

Tina & Henry : Engaged : Hermosa Beach, Ca

Tina & Henry are the quiet type. They have an easy kind of love. A gentle, unassuming kind of love. No words necessary, really. The way

You plus me – one-on-one mentoring sessions!

After lots of inquiries about this, I’m finally ready to share all I know and have learned over the years. When I first started out,

2011 Wedding Photography Review.

2011. It came so quickly and is on it’s way out even quicker, leaving me just enough time to reflect. 2011 brought love, mistakes,

Lily & Ivan : Anytime : Paramount Ranch

I shot these photos back in October and I still am very much in love with their energy. This is Lily and Ivan – two insanely warm,

us at christmas.

I adore the holiday season. Absolutely adore! It’s when the rain falls and the big coats come out, the scarves are thrown around our

Erin & Mike : Lifestyle : Palos Verdes, CA

Sweet Erin. Erin is one of those girls you meet and immediately melt into a friendship with. A fun, lively,