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Here’s the thing…

Life is beautiful. People in my life are absolutely wonderful. It’s a privilege to share the same air. How did this happen? Surely,

A mind, blown.

I stood there with my jaw on the floor. I expected a colorful love-filled fiesta. I really did. But I was blown away by the absolute

Vanessa & Daniel : Married

The tears flowed. And she hadn’t even stepped into her dress yet. “I think we’re going to need A LOT of tissues

Winne & Euse : Married

Winne and Euse are two of the most gracious people I have ever met. Genuine, hospitable and just all around lovely. Since day one,

Happy & Honeymoons

I’m not a professional wedding planner. Or a psychiatrist. Or a psychic. But I do see a lot of weddings. And I AM a woman &

Christina & Jack : Married

“Wait, don’t all grooms do it?” Jack sweetly said to me as we waited for Christina. “Maybe some grooms do it. Not

Jean & Justin : Married

All of his groomsmen insisted. During their 10-man joint toast to their friend Justin, they stood up and proclaimed that she made him the

Courtney & Tomoji : Married

They met 10 years ago at church. They ran around in the same group forever. Their families knew each other. Trips among friends were taken