Dear Spring

Yesterday was amazing. Just a simple and gorgeous Easter Sunday spent with my family. Talking and hiding eggs and eating and laughing and drinking and cracking confetti eggs on unsuspecting family members heads. It was a perfect day. It was perfect thanks to my dear friend, Spring. There are so many things I love about this season so I thought it would be fun to dedicate a little ditty to Spring because after all, seasons read my blog!

  • Because of you, Peeps and Cadbury Eggs are in full force this time of year allowing all the little sugar fiends to snack guilt free because, well, when a candy is seasonal, it’s calorie free. Obviously.
  • Thank you for being the middle man between Winter and Summer. You always know that my arms aren’t exactly in sleeveless shirt / hot weather shape and you never fail to keep it cool enough to wear a light sweater. I get it. Pumping iron as I type.
  • You bring back the light. That extra hour of gorgeous sunlight for all of us to stay outside a little longer, drive down the coast a little later. And let me just be honest, there’s more time to enjoy a cute husband when he gets home from work.
  • Dodgers baseball. I always get excited when April rolls around because of the boys in blue. I’m a big sports fan and the Dodgers are my boys. I absolutely love going to weekday game, eating hot dogs, dressed like a boy, taunting the other team.
  • Spring = color. Flowers start blooming, stores are filled to the brim with bright hued clothing and I can don my bright pink toenail polish while wearing sandals again.

Sidenote: I wrote this post yesterday, before it was pouring rain in Los Angeles. Oops. Just go with it. Happy Monday!

    I love visiting your blog! always beautiful images + thoughts! :)

    :) The photo is so springy!

    This post was perfect timing. Not only is it clear but it’s always especially beautiful outside after it rains.

    Spring is finally here too! After an aweful long German winter I can feel the warm sun beams on my skin. Love the feeling!


    I loooooove your new website and blog. I agree with you, I love spring, especially for Dodger baseball! I am looking forward to my first game of the season.

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