Emily & Brad : Married : Star Ranch, Corona, CA

As she approached her father’s arm on her way to walk down the aisle, I felt it. A lump in my throat, my eyes welling up with tears. Having known Emily for only a few short months, I thought for certain, my feelings were a fluke so I looked at Brad, and he had the same throat and eye problem. A quick glance at Emily’s mom, and yep, she had it too. We all were overcome with a wave of emotions for such a beautiful girl on that perfect day. A day made with love. Flowers and desserts and decor and cakes, all made by family and friends, weaving themselves into the couples story.

Emily & Brad are the kind of people that dance like no one is watching. They are warm and comfortable. They laugh hysterically and love out loud. They include everyone and make you feel like you’re old friends, even if you’ve just met. It has been such a privilege to know them and capturing their wedding day didn’t feel like work at all. It felt like a dang good party with people I’ve known for years. Thank you both for trusting me and for being such a dream to work with. You are so awesome and I can’t wait for our airplane date!! xoxo

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  • Lacy Dagerath - Awww love these! So beautiful!

  • Serena {Love By Serena} - Adorable – I love these photos!

  • carmen und ingo - amaaaazing wedding ala! wow

  • Brooke Schultz Photography - These are incredible. I love the way you told the story, both in words and photos. Great work!

  • anda - So gorgeous, Ala! I am always jealous of the weddings you shoot :) I really want to shoot bridesmaids all wearing cowboy boots! Needless to say, the couple, the details, the venue, the images … AMAZE ME.

  • gladys jem - OMG. Could this wedding BE anymore perfect? 😉 the light, the details, the adorable b+g…Oh, it’s perfect. I’m with Anda, you get the best weddings! AMAZEEEING!

  • TIa - I think this is one the cutest weddings I’ve ever seen! Great shots :)

  • Erin Lynn - Such beautiful pictures! As usual, I’m in awe of your talent. Also, on a different note and I hope this isnt weird, but do you know what designer her dress is? (Hey, I have bridal brain going on here, I can’t help it!!!!!! hehe)

  • kym vitar - i LOVE the bridesmaids dresses! so cute! also love every little detail they planned out! what a perfect day!

  • Catie Ronquillo - This wedding? AMAZE! Love the cowboy boots and everything about this wedding 😀

  • Bec - this seemed like such a cool wedding! you did fantastic at capturing the vibe and spirit of it, and what an awesome couple. Gorgeous day!

  • Marissa Rodriguez - SO SO SO SO beautiful! My gosh any wedding involving cowboy boots and a b&g like that is bound to be close to perfect! you’re awesome! :)

  • Evie - The details are so cute and you captured them perfectly;)

  • Malinda - What a joy to find sooneme else who thinks this way.

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