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Sweet Erin. Erin is one of those girls you meet and immediately melt into a friendship with. A fun, lively, omg-it-feels-like-we’ve-known-each-other-forever type friendship. She’s just that easy to be around. We began like most friends do, eating cupcakes and gabbing about Justin Bieber. Things moved on to shooting together every now and then and soon, we were seeing each other everyday at HIP Studio (the most amazing spot to work out!!) So when Erin asked me to shoot one or two photos for a crazy exciting personal project, I did what any friend would do, I made her and her hubs take a million more photos just for me. Being a photographer herself, she happily obliged. Here are my favorites of Erin & Mike. Check here for her “personal project”. <3


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  • erin - i’m beyond mildly obsessed with these! mike and i LOVE THEM. like i cant stop looking at them. . . they’re fabulous. and we adore you, and the way you make your pictures looks so fabulous dreamy :)

  • Jasmine* - LOVE them!!! SO happy for them! :)

  • gladys jem - LOVEEEEEEE so much! Well because you took them, and I adore ERIN with all of my heart. SO excited for the two of them! Little baby Vancuras! :)

  • Adrienne Gunde - Adore the fun & carefree vibe of these… so beautiful!

  • Ashley - I love your work! Brilliant! Are you using a haze filter on the “foggy-like” images? I love the look of it!

    You and your images bring love to life with every frame!

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