Everyday moments

It’s no surprise that I love motion in images. I love movement and sunlight and laughter and squeezes and wind blowing through long hair and rosy cheeks. I love the moments that happen just because. The moments in between. The moments that don’t make the holiday card. The moments that are being lived by people. The moments they never get to see. The moments they aren’t even aware of. Those are my favorite.

Here are a few of my favorite in between moments from my session with Michell, Travis and Gavin. Such a perfect little family.
No one was paying attention to me so I went in to capture the moment and at the very same time, Bailey decided to bark at me. This is one of my favorite moments. Ever.

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  • anda - Alaaaaaaaa! These are SO good. Holy cow!

  • Mikaela - I love moments like these too :) And the light and the colour in these photos…beeeautiful.

  • Melinda Leal - I love these! :)

  • Michelle Hebert - I love the sunflare! You nailed it! Beautiful family pictures…you always have the most stylish and beautiful clients!

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