Free Falling

I didn’t want him to do it. I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever heard. In my head, anyone who was remotely interested in doing it was on crack. For real. I tweeted about it more than once to make light of the situation, I tried to distract him with a Playstation 3, I even asked my mom to help me pray that he’d just get over it. But deep down, I knew he wouldn’t. It was something he wanted to do. For himself.

What I did NOT expect was an urge to go with him. Not gonna lie, I begged his best friend to go with him. I was all, I have the PERFECT idea. Like, seriously, you’re gonna thank me. You should jump out of a plane with Steven so he doesn’t have to go alone! Doesn’t that sound awesome? I felt bad selling such a wild idea to him, but when he agreed, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. So it was set. And I was off the hook.

As the scheduled date approached, I had an itch. It was definitely unexpected. I didn’t tell anyone about it, because I figured it was temporary. I mean, I’m a girl who takes risks, but 100% of those risks are made ON THE GROUND. So I thought surely this would pass. But it didn’t. It was something inside telling me to just take a chance. This past year, I’ve learned so much about myself. I feel like I’ve shed all of the walls I used to put up. I used to block myself off from making new friends, from letting people love me, from opening myself up. I didn’t think I was worthy. And yet, here I am today, knowing that I have come so far. It was kinda like I had to do it. For myself.

Image taken by Nick Fener of the Perris Valley Skydiving School. I highly recommend this location if you’re in a daredevil state of mind. Can you imagine doing this for a living? I think it may be cooler than my job!

On Saturday, I jumped. I just let go. I wasn’t afraid. It was like a moment of clarity. And it was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. The best part about it was that I had my best friend by my side, cheering me on. As I approached the edge of the plane, even though it was his birthday and we were there for him, I could hear him screaming at the top of his lungs for me, “GOOOOOOO ALA!” So yes, I will continue to GOOOOOOO and live an invigorated life. For me.

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  • Jasmine* - LOVE it! :)

  • Vanessa Alfaro - Ala, i am so jealous! I have always wanted to jump out of a plane but of course Ralph refuses. I will do it someday, even if alone. PS your new site is of course nothing less than amazing!!!

  • Tina - Okay so I am smiling at my computer and have hairs on edge on my arms!! I love stories like this! So happy for you! Good for you Ala!! So fun :)

  • marianne worlow - you GO!!.. I love it. Not sure if I could ever do that but my hubby wants to too. eeks 😉

  • Bea - So proud of you! That picture is AWESOME!! Go you!

  • Joe+Kathrina - That is SO awesome!!!

  • Allison - You go with your amazing self! Wooo hooo to you girlie that is AWESOME!!

  • Mireille - Wow! No FEAR! Leap and jump, free falling indeed. And what a great shot. Can you share who took it and how (point and shoot or big camera)?

  • Ashley - I just wanna know who took that awesome picture!! Definitely frame worthy (:

  • Jessica - That is the epitome of crazy/beautiful.

  • Adela - Holy Moly, Heavens to Betsy! Better you than me girl! You still managed to look great! WTF?!

  • Brent Pilgrim - I’m jealous!

  • Harmony Loves - I am so freaked out just looking at the picture!! You go girl! What an amazing experience and to share it with someone so special, you two are adorable! :)

  • Rebecca - Love it! Next time can I come? Or maybe you can come to Aus go again over the bridge…??? :-)

  • s h e r r y - That is AWESOME!!!! I’ve toyed with the idea, but I’m still pretty scared! :) So glad you and Steven got to do it together!

  • Julie - Holy moly! This is Amazing! GOOOO ALA!

  • Kimberly - That’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I have a feeling once I’m up there I’m going to be a big chicken. hahaha

  • Anouschka - Woohoo!!! Good for you!! I don’t know if I would’ve had the guts so I admire you greatly for doing this :)

  • Evie Perez - Wow – kudos to you girl,Girls ROCK!!! :) I am so proud of you. This is something my husband and I have wanted to do for a long time, but have yet to do it. It’s amazing to see how far we have come, and definitly knowing who we are, and liking ourselves for who we are.

  • Gladys Jem - you look awesome up in the air. i’m glad you had fun free fallin :)

  • Wales Wong - LOL! That is crazy girl! By far the best picture of a photographer that I have seen! kudos to u! that takes guts =)

  • Angela Waterberg - What an amazing post. You go girl!

  • Katie Jones - I was exactly the same! I went to watch my brother and his friend do it for their 18th birthday….I said they were crazy! When we got to the sky diving centre I decided to jump as well.. it was ammmazzzing! :)

  • ajira - I think it’s brilliant that you did it! Goooooooooo Ala indeed!

  • Jordana - soooo amazing! I’m dying to do this. Glad you let go!

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