Here’s the thing…

Life is beautiful.
People in my life are absolutely wonderful.
It’s a privilege to share the same air.
How did this happen? Surely, I’m not worthy.
Half my life I’ve felt like I wasn’t enough.
But as each day passes, I understand a little more.
I feel a little more lovable.
A little more worthy.
A lot less misunderstood.
And then I realize that all the mistakes I’ve made in the past have led me here, on the journey of finding myself, with kind-hearted, like-minded people.
People who think I’m worthy, even when I don’t.
And for that, I’m thankful to life.
For being so beautiful even when it’s ugly.
A gift sent to me by Maya & Dave. Beautiful people I’ve been blessed to meet along the way.

Such an awesome post! Simple and yet so powerful Ala!

You are beautiful. So are your words.


Any ideas where the necklace is from? I’ve been looking for one in gold just like that.

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