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I don’t normally talk too much about the personal lives of my clients, for obvious reasons, but for this sweet family, I wanted to make an exception. I write this with a heavy heart because in the last month, the Houcks have experienced pure joy and heartbreak all within 24 hours. When we shot these family portraits two months ago, all any of us cared about was running through open fields, the sun softly kissing our skin, the little girl giggles and the cool summer breeze. None of us could have ever known what was to come.

With the permission of Ricci’s family, I’m sharing a small piece of her story the only way I know how – through captured moments.

You can read a little more here. If you’re like me and you’re desperate to help, please pray for Ricci, her husband and her children. I can’t stress enough how strong the power of prayer is. I truly believe. If you want to give more than prayer, a friend of Ricci’s set up a way to help here.

Continued prayers for you, Ricci, Mike and family. xoxo


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  • Gail - SO heartbreaking! Praying for this beautiful familyโ€”the power of these photos as a reminder of their love is so incredible. Why we do what we do.

  • matthew @ a fine press - Thanks so much for sharing. This type of situation always makes me teary; so thankful to not have yet experienced such a thing and sad for those who have.

    I will certainly pray for this family.

  • Kira - Thanks for sharing, Ala. I’ll be praying for Ricci and her family. This is heartbreaking, and I’m praying for the best to come out of it. My clients have also been through their share of these types of trials, and they’ve always been grateful for the moments captured through photos. These images are something beautiful that I’m sure they truly cherish.

  • Patty - I will definitely pray for this family. Thanks for sharing and I agree with you Ala the power of prayer is strong and never failing. God bless them.

  • Vanessa - Heartbroken ๐Ÿ™ I am praying faithfully with you friend!

  • Katie - Wow, SO SO SO sad. It goes to show how important photos are to our lives and our memories. Praying for the family!! ๐Ÿ™

  • Judie - Thank you for sharing Ala! I will definitely pray for healthy recovery for Ricci and for strength for her family!

  • kym vitar - my heart breaks for her family and friends. I send all my prayers to the family, and hope that they feel the love and strength of everyone who is supporting them.

  • Emilie - This is so sad… I’m keeping Ricci and her family in my thoughts.

  • sarah - My thoughts and prayers are with this family during this difficult time.

  • Kristen - so grateful the Lord has given them Deegan. so grateful they have support of family. my sister (age 38) suffered a major stroke in january to due blood clot in the brain and was in a coma for about a week. my heart immediately goes to this precious family as i am immediately taken back to 6 months ago. so grateful to the Lord that my sister is home with her children and on the long road to recovery, and am on my knees interceding for your precious friend. thanks for sharing.

  • pauline newton - beautiful pictures, very nice!

  • gladys jem - gorgeous family. keeping them in my prayers.

  • Tia - Praying for this beautiful Family. God is so good and he can handle this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Desiree - My heart is breaking right now. I am, and will be praying for their precious family.

  • Marianna - Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing!!

  • Stephanie Herron-Hillman - My prayer. Father in heaven, thank you for Your grace, mercy and everlsting favor. Thank you for restoring and healing evrey area of her mind, body and soul in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Father you said in your word that you will give us the desire of our heart. As you look into the hearts of your children you will instantly heal thier mom. For my praise will go before thee. Amen

  • Regina - I loved all of the pictures, and brought me to tears. I continue to pray for my good
    friend Ricci and her family. I also continue to have faith that she will wake up to her
    family again. I just know she will because she is a fighter and never gives up. Love to all the family.

  • Kymberly Janelle - Thank you for sharing this so that we can all pray!!!

  • Kerry Anderson - I stand in agreement for Ricci and all who are praying and interceding on her behalf. Family members who are weary because of this unforseen occurrence, remember what God says in His word regarding afflictions. Psalms 34:19, “Many are the afflictions fo the righteous but God has deprived them power to harm you. Be encouraged today in your weariness. Don’t be moved by what a doctor has diagnosed. No matter what the diagnosis, God is still in charge. The created can only provide a professional opinion based on his limited education. The creator has final authority and say so in this matter based on being God. Be encouraged knowing the Greater One lives within Ricci. God’s favor, blessings and healing power to you and your family. I bring you greetings from Baghdad Iraq. To all of Ricci’s family, be encouraged today. Continue to speak to this mountain of a problem and be strong in faith knowing that the Greater One dwells inside of you. Please read my facebook page for more encouragement during this strom of life and remember. The darkest, and most destructive storms bring out the most beautiful and amazing sunrises. God Blessings to you all. My email address on my facebook page is

  • For you to remember. » Love Ala | Photographer For The Modern Type - […] the planner she is, Ricci set up this shoot months ago. Although, she couldn’t be here physically, she’s […]

  • Julia - My heartfelt wishes and many prayers for a speedy recovery for this wonderful woman. May she soon be in the company of her beautiful family and of all those who love her. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  • Shannon Ortgiesen - I just read a comment Mike made on Brian Stow’s webpage, that is what brought me to this story.
    This is heartbreaking and seems so unreal, how does this happen? ๐Ÿ™
    My prayers and thoughts are with you Ricci and your husband and children that are missing and needing you healthy. God makes miracles and you will be a miracle and come out of this. God Bless you and your family.

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