I am LIVE!

So, when I started out on this photography venture, I never really thought about turning it into a business. To be honest, I never thought it could be a career option. Never in a million years did I expect it to mold my life the way it has either. And lastly, I never ever put thought into having my own website. Like really? What did I have to say that people might want to come and see. Well, I have a lot to say. A lot to share. Today is finally the day. And even though my mom and dad may be the only ones to ever click on this link, well at least I’m sharing with someone out there.

Love Ala is LIVE!

A huge thank you to Nick Haskins of Spilled Milk Designs for cranking this out for me. To be honest, my previous job was web design but when it came to making my own, I kinda had a brain fart. Thanks to Nick’s patience and experience, this beautiful little piece of me was born! Happy Monday!

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  • Bea - Yayyyy!! Can a friend be prouder? I think not!! It’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier that you are living your dream. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world. Congrats friend!

  • Leila Khalil| Wedding Publicist| Be Inspired PR - Ala!
    i love it.. congrats. everything looks gorgeous. im a huge fan of you!

  • Raquel McLeod - Congrats your site looks amazing! Good luck and enjoy the adventure!

  • Renee Bell - show it sites are painfully hair tearing out slow here in Australia but I LOVE what i can see so far!!!
    Awesome job!!

  • Blair Van Bussel - Blair Nicole Photography { @BlairVB } - wow wow wow!!! Your site is PERFECT! I just love it! :)

  • Diabolina - Love it. Love you. Amazing things await my dear.

  • Dognbird - The site is a beautiful experience, your photos are exquisite. Can’t wait for more!

  • Grace - Just found you from Jasmine Star’s Facebook status. Your site looks amazing! Will definitely follow along and hopefully learn a few things along the way. Congrats!

  • Dawn Beirnes - Hey there! I found the link to your site through Jasmine’s blog……LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site!!!!! I hope one day to have a cool site like yours!

    Best Wishes!

  • Mary Dunlap - Totally loving it!! Gives me such motivation to keep at it! So happy for you, this is fabulous.

  • Cindy Lee Photography - Congratulations Ala .. fabulous site and I LOVE your logo!!! Uber fab. I’ve added you to my RSS reader … Love your work & wish you continued success. Blessings, Cindy x

  • Oleidee - How fun!!! Love it!!! It’s so CRISP and CLEAN and easy to manuvere through. Looking forward to all your creative, amazing, and beautiful images.

  • Nick Haskins - Awesome Ala! Stoked you’re loving it and it was a pleasure to work with you!! Well worth it indeed!

  • Elisabeth Carol - Ahhhh! I adore it!! Incredible!

  • Atlanta Wedding Photographer Lauren Wright - I LOVE it! Ala, it looks so wonderful :) Great job.

  • Susan - I swung over to your site on a tip from Jasmine Star, and I think what you have pulled together is great! And I understand the brain fart tendency: I have a business school degree and have worked for years as a financial analyst, but always end up asking someone else to do my taxes!

  • Emily - Beautiful site!

  • Lydia - Ala, I love it! So fresh and infused with you!

  • Ernese Young - Your website is AWSOME, I’m also a photographer and working on my showit site, Yours is defiantly an inspiration. Keep up the great work. I wish you the best in all that you do.


  • Brent Pilgrim - I’m an instant fan! This new design totally screams who you are and what you are. I’m also in love with your photos and what you do to showcase your clients. Congrats Ala!

  • Gladys Jem - could your site get any sweeter? I think NOT! LOVE IT!

  • Evie Perez - Your new website looks GOOD! I am so happy for you, this is only the beginning.

  • Kristi Schneider - Beau-ti-mous! i LOVE the opening video. El. Oh. VEE. eee. it! that is the vision I have for the day I get to where you are! J* endorsed you, so here I am! I’ll be following you!

  • Anne Adams - I LOVE it, so cute and creative!

  • Anne - It’s not only your mom and dad who are clicking this link as I can see… :-)

    I LOVE the style of your website and blog. It’s so cute and love is speaking out of every corner. Very well done!!

  • ajira - What an original look, love the site! Seriously gorgeous.

  • christina - i’m beyond in love with your new site…it’s absolutely fabulous!

  • Kyrene Cabena - Awesome!!

  • Meredith Perdue - Beautiful! The intro video is perfect! Congratulations!

  • Diandra - Um. Amazing. Seriously. Perfect. xoxo

  • s h e r r y - :):) The site is beautiful!!

  • Christine - Beautiful site!! I love the simplicity and the little details. Great job :)

  • Nicole Landgrebe - Oh My Goodness….. What a gorgeous Logo design, Blog and web site…. took forever to load but I waited and waited and waited…. And then enjoyed….
    Fantastic to say the least!

  • Anouschka - It is just STUNNING! Awesome design!!! Congrats on the rebranding, it all looks fantastic!

  • angela - congratulations are in order, your new website is a beauty! can’t wait to book my summer portrait session with you!

  • Syreena B - I LOVE IT… it’s amazing!! I know you are thrilled! I feel like if I knew you.. this is what you would be like …lol :)

  • gina - omg! love it! i recognize you from J* blog…. your are beautiful and so is your work :)

  • gina - lovely!

  • genya - Your site is SPECTACULAR!!!! love.love.love!

  • kym - congrats ala!! i love it and am so proud of you! your work continues to inspire me, and i am still looking forward to taking you out for lunch and to shoot around one day!!

    all the best!

  • Trina - Love, love, love your new site. I’m soo jealous! Hearts are my favorite too.

  • Alejandro - Hi-five!

  • Araceli - It’s beautiful! Congrats!!

  • Claudia - So it’s not $250 anymore? Aww man.

  • Amanda Pair - The new site is AMAZING. I know from experience that Nick is awesome to work with, but he really pulled it out for this one! Congrats!

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