Kathy & Alex : Married : Cicada, Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes I feel like blogging a classic wedding in black and white. This one was perfect for it. Kathy & Alex had a classically gorgeous Los Angeles wedding filled with family, tons of food, shirtless bridal party performances and dancing until the band packed up. They truly know how to throw a party and it was a pleasure to be a part of!

Amzzzeee! I have always wanted todo a all B&W wedding post but never had the guts

ohmygosh, ala!! these are so dreamy, nostalgic … FULL of pure beauty. my favorite thing maybe you’ve ever blogged. so in love with them — so classy and perfect. and the first look … just KILLS me. so amazing!

Yup. This is absolutely stunning. My favorite ever from you. I just kept going ooh and ahh after every image. You’re amazing!

You are amazing. That is all.

lauren partida

so gorgeous!! so glamorous! amazing pictures!



These are stunning. Love the all black and white photos:)


I die. SO romantic. I’ve been dying to shoot an entire wedding in Black and white.

This is SO stunning.x


Love the softness of the photos which only enhances your grace and beauty. Alex looks so good I’m glad you two are together–A perfect match.

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