Laura & Regan : Engaged : Hermosa Beach, Ca

I met Laura at my pilates studio, HIP. She was the girl in all my classes that kicked my butt with her form, speed and endurance. Since I’m super competitive, I always loved her for it because duh, I need someone to race! So when she came to class one day with the hugest engagement rock I’ve ever seen, I was crazy excited for her. I was even more excited when she asked me to snap a few photos of her and her fiance Regan. They live in California but will be getting married in Kentucky so they wanted to capture their life here. With Laura’s sweet nature and Regan’s sarcastic humor, we had such a fun day shooting in Hermosa!

loving the carefree feeling in these. and that sunlight. and that wind. swoon.

Beautiful from beginning to end… love that pretty movement you always capture in your photos! :)

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