Life. Thanks.

This year, I’m thankful for life. Truly.
I feel so blessed everyday.
I never thought my heart could ever feel so full.
I’m beyond grateful for this life I’ve been given.
The love I feel, the people I know, the places I visit, the air I breathe.
It’s all so very beautiful.
So, thank you life. You inspire me.

This thanksgiving, hold your loved ones a little tighter, linger in conversation a little longer, pile whip cream on your pumpkin pie a little higher. And don’t forget to be grateful.

This image is one of those life inspirations I’m thankful for. Taken at the Tanja Lippert Art of Directing workshop a few weeks ago. So stunningly inspiring. Many thanks to Tanja & Tia for styling such a fabulous day.

Have a blessed day!

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