Nicole & Gonzalo : Married

He took her along with him. He figured it was fine. A night out with Nicole and his 15 of his closest buddies…ON THEIR FIRST DATE. That’s when he knew. She laughed along with them all. She embraced them with a warm smile. And although Gonzalo didn’t know if she was having the greatest time of her life or just being polite, but either way, Nicole was someone he wanted to stick around for awhile. His 15 friends agreed.

Last Saturday, Nicole, Gonzalo and all the boys that were present on their first date, gathered as the couple exchanged vows. And like they did on their first date, at the Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Garden, they embraced with lots of warm smiles, happily toasted and danced the night away.

Click here to see more of their wedding.

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  • ashleigh - LOVE it Ala!!! You have just been shooting one amazing wedding after the next!! I hope I have the chance to shoot w/ you again sometime soon! You are so inspiring!! 🙂

  • Marie - Ok I just have to say how much I love the pictures you take. If I were single and I saw these pics I would DREAM about my wedding and having YOU as my photographer!

  • Megan Welker - gorgeous!! you are killllllin it Ala!

  • kym - love them- the pictures AND of course the couple! it was great seeing you, when’s our lunch date?!?!

  • coste vlad - You are not very modern,like you said!

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