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In 2010, I was invited on a trip to Palm Springs with a group of female photographers. I went with an open mind but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting too much. I already had the best of friends from college. What happened though, was something that I will be forever grateful for. I didn’t just gain industry friends, I gained a group of sisters. Women who encourage each other. Women who laugh together. Women who celebrate your achievements and are there to mourn your losses.

Jordana is one of those special women and together with her husband Chris, has become the dearest of friends. They have been there for both Steve and I, always with a cocktail, a warm hug, understanding eyes and the most endearing of Boston accents. They recently welcomed their sweet baby girl and I got to photograph their anticipation before her arrival. What a gift to watch my friend become a mama. Looking at these photos, pregnancy most definitely agrees with her!!


  • megan - Love these so so much!! That light in the Hazel house is on fleek 😉 But really, these are so gorgeous!

I met her when she was 14. This little girl just starting high school. She was obsessed with softball and growing her calf muscles but other than that, she had no idea where she was headed or the woman she’d become. Neither of us had any idea of what the future held for our relationship together. I ended up marrying her brother Steve and over the years, without even trying, Jess became someone near and dear to me. She is kind, loyal, stubborn, hilarious, dependable, feisty, sometimes absent-minded and she has the warmest heart. She’s the girl you call when you want to laugh, eat pizza or only speak in quotes from Friends. She is a constant source of light in my life and I’m thankful to Steve for sharing his sister with me.

I didn’t think it could get any better until Jess brought Ari around. Like, in an instant, things were complete. To sum it up, Ari is a firecracker. She’s tiny but mighty, a real go-getter that keeps things together at all times. She’s humble and smart and makes it all look easy. Together, Jess and Ari make such a dynamic pair. They are building the most beautiful life together, supporting each others hopes and dreams and stopping along the way to celebrate the little things. I couldn’t be happier to do life right alongside them. Love is love and I’m so proud to cheer them on as they vow to be together forever.



  • Heidi R. - So beautiful! I love the words as much as the images. <3

  • Trent - You go girls! :)

    My first “Girls only” engagement session was totally spontaneous. We had an interview in one of Atlanta’s oldest cafes, ant they’ve booked me on the spot. At the time I already had 4 double espressos inside of me, so the rest was very, um, energetic ))

    – Where have you met?
    – Here, in this very cafe…
    – *CLICK* Let’s walk around… *CLICK* *CLICK CLICK*

  • megan - Seriously? Could this session be ANY more beautiful!? Your words were so beautiful and the images matched them perfectly! So happy for these two!

  • Savanah Loftus - I love this so much, beautiful ladies and a genuine love captured!!