Laguna Beach Engagement Session : Kimberly & Justin

They met on a blind date. It was Friday, the 13th. You know, the day most people avoid or are superstitious about. But whatever, they each thought, I have nothing to lose. So they both got dressed and went out on a limb that night. And it was the best decision they’ve ever made. Kimberly and Justin have been inseparable ever since that day. Birthdays and holidays, days filled with wine and days without, loud concerts and quiet times – there they’ve been. Together. I’ve had so much fun getting to know them and I can’t wait for their October wedding!

Beautiful. As usual. x

That last shot! SO beautiful!

Santa Monica Engagement Session : Melissa & Sam

They met as roommates. Strangers who needed a place to live in Los Angeles. There was a third roommate but somehow, Melissa and Sam became close. They shared an apartment and before they knew it, they were sharing a life together.

Melissa and Sam are both hilarious, carefree and they don’t take themselves too serious. They claim to look ridiculous in front of the camera but after spending an afternoon with them and going through these photos, I beg to differ. Here are some favorites.

Love those dreamy shots on the sand!