Some flowers and some dreams.

Recently, a group of my most creative friends got together to create some prettiness. designhunterLA & Mint Vintage Rentals packed their trucks up to the brim with inspiration – flowers, gorgeous furniture, inspired crafts – and drove down to my studio in Long Beach. Veronica styled up some of the dreamiest vignettes and the oh so sweet Courtney knocked it out of the park in front of the camera. Would you believe me if I told you I’ve known these girls for over 10 years? It’s so amazing that we each have found such creative outlets and turned them into careers. It’s more amazing how wonderful we all work together. Here’s a little bit of the pretty that happened that day.

Um….LOVE!!! You are right, so dreamy! The ones with the ferns on the wall are amazing. I want to glue ferns to my walls now. That’s not weird, right?

FERN WALL!? Holy crap that’s so gorgeous. Such amazing images darling. amazing. amazing.

Love this! And love that world map! Mind if I ask where it’s from? I am kind of obsessed with world maps and the colors in that one are perfection :)

So, so good!! Love everything about this.


love all the prettiness!!

DYING! This is so full of gorgeous I don’t even know what to comment about! Except that I kinda wanna do that leave wall in my house. That’d be cool, ya? Dream team right here!

Just go on with your bad self! I heart you and your fab skills!

Ponte Winery Wedding : Brenda & David

He sat there smiling, breathing, waiting. As guests arrived and slowly started to fill the church, David and his best man sat in a small side room. I was in the same room, changing batteries and what not when it happened. When did you know she was the one? his friend asked. I stopped in my tracks. My heart raced and I gave my best statue performance as to not interrupt this intimate moment. As David spoke about his feelings for Brenda, the beautiful girl that he has waited for, my eyes welled up with tears. Mostly because it’s such a precious thing to hear someone speak about their most beloved but also because, dang, moments like this is why I do what I do.

The love from Brenda & David’s engagement session carried over to their wedding day. It was one of the hottest days of the summer but it didn’t matter. Brenda & David were so happy to finally have arrived to the day they were anticipating the most – their wedding. What a wonderful day to be a part of!

location Ponte Winery   /   coordinator So So Fab Events  /   floral Commerce   /   hair Lauren Partida

Ala, this is beautiful. So beautiful. x

Adore her dress! And all those dreamy portraits in the vineyard, such perfect light & colors!

gaaaah, such a beautiful day!

These are gorgeous. You are always amazing! I love it!!!

Look how lucky we are

While on a run yesterday, something happened that I can’t shake. As I was thinking about all the things in life I don’t have, the things that always seem to be out of my reach, the things I cannot control, the worries that consume me, how stupid it was to run 9 miles at 6am, how much my legs hurt…I spotted a note written in chalk. “LOOK HOW LUCKY WE ARE”.

I don’t know if it was God or fate or just good timing but there, on the Hermosa Beach strand, I immediately started to weep. I wept because, wow, how blind could I be? It was just a simple message someone wrote but the words moved me to see all the things I do have. The life that I get to live. That I have two legs to stand on and a healthy mind to think. I can dream and love. And just, so much more! I continued to run as tears fell from my eyes, I must have looked ridiculous. But at least now I was a ridiculous looking crying woman that let gratefulness fill her heart.

I just wanted to share in case you find yourself in a fog. Take a look around. There’s tons of beauty you may be overlooking.

what a beautiful soul you are, ala. so glad you shared this. xo.

I love this Ala, thank you so much for sharing!! xx

So, SO true my friend…beautiful…