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Courtney and Tomoji are like a breath of fresh air. Like peaking through the clouds on a rainy day. Actually, let me start over, they WERE the sunshine of the day. It was gloomy and rainy all day, but the moment our session started, the sun came out, full force. These two are so funny and sweet. Courtney is one of those girls that upon meeting her, you think she’s quiet, but she really is a firecracker. She says the funniest things in the sweetest voice that you can’t help but laugh. And Tomoji, well he’s there to laugh at her jokes and every now and then, he’ll tease her back.

These two are getting married in May and I cannot wait for the wedding. I like to think that me and my couples, well, we’d be friends in real life. You know, outside of a working relationship. And Courtney and Tomoji, yes, they are my friends. See you soon!

  • Roomie - LOVE this shoot! That first picture is amazingly cool! When can I take pictures in love nests?

    Great job roomie!!

  • Melissa @ The Loveliest Day - Ala, that first shot is incrediblllllle! I love it!

  • Candice - WOW! I love that first shot!!

  • Annie - Where is this? What an awesome nest thing!

Kelly & Ivo are warm souls. You meet them, and without a word, you feel at ease. They are happy, genuine and in love. It doesn’t hurt that they are insanely gorgeous but aside from their good looks, they just have good hearts. They helped me out in a pinch when I was filming my promo video. I was only able to shoot them for a few minutes but the frames I did get, I was in love with and thought I’d share a few. I can’t wait to shoot them again soon since now I know we’re neighbors! Kelly & Ivo, thank you for coming out. Your love is contagious. Watching you two interact made me want to come home and squeeze Steven a little tighter. xoxo

Click here to see more of their session.

  • Roomie - What a goooooooorgeous couple!! Mixed with amazing shots…you got perfection. Love!

  • Kelly - You are AMAZING! We absolutely love them! Thank you soooo much! xoxo

  • AmyPunky Photography - Lovely engagement session!!!

  • Christina - OMG! Love, love, love the new look. The E-session feels so natural and full of love.<3 Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Anouschka - LOVE this series!