Paola & Sergio : Engaged

They met on a “group hang”. Paola’s cousin was dating Sergio’s best friend. They were dragged along and neither of them ever expected to find love. But they did. And it worked. It’s a sweet love. It’s quiet and simple. But it’s theirs. And it’s beautiful. While roaming the beautiful grounds of The Getty Museum, Sergio cleared his throat and asked “so…are we doing it right?” I smiled. And I assured him that him and his future wife were, in fact, doing it perfectly. They were being themselves and that’s all I ever ask of people. Be yourself. Because when you’re with the one you love, your true self comes out. And whether you’re aware of it or not, everyone can see.

Thank you Paola and Sergio for being you.

Click here to see more of their session.

A quick photographer note: these images were all shot at 10:00am. I don’t shoot at that time of day, like, ever. So it was a great challenge to shoot in unfamiliar territory.

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  • Marie - simply awesome

  • Ana Lopez - wow, that’s all i could say.

  • s h e r r y - :) They’re really cute! :):) I also LOVE the location; it looks so rad.

  • Jessica - I love the morning glow. What a lovely couple. Beautiful work!

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