Paola & Sergio : Married

He bought this house so his daughters could get married here. I told him having it somewhere else would be easier, but he insisted. And that’s how it happened. As Paola’s mother talked about all the preparation for her wedding day, she shared that little tidbit with me. And that’s all I needed to hear. Paola’s life is filled with family. The support, the love, the ┬ápassion a family brings. And there they were, preparing to watch their daughter, their sister, niece, cousin, friend get married, in her family home. And not just that, she was bringing Sergio into the picture. Solidifying that he, too, was now a part of this beautiful family.┬áThe day could not be more perfect.

Click here to see more of their wedding.I was photographing the veil and I noticed Paola looking out to the reception set-up. She looks so soft and beautiful.I continued to shoot through the veil because it just added something ethereal. Plus, I LOVE that there’s a photo of Paola’s parents on the wall of the room she put her gown on.I loved this wall of shadows. Such a moody shot.I think it’s a trend for the littles to get sleepy during the ceremony. I think it’s adorable!This moment is probably my favorite of any wedding day. When a couple walks back down the aisle, as husband and wife, they are beaming!We returned to Paola’s parents house for the reception. This is their front yard. Are you kidding me?Paola was so relaxed and at ease. And it showed.

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  • Paola Lopez - You are amazing! Thank you so much!

  • Judie - Simply Gorgeous!!

  • Jessica - How elegant! You captured everything beautifully.

  • Kina - Cute! Great dress choice:) As a former manager of a bridal shop, I can say we loved that House of Wu style! It was a shop favorite!

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