Sharone & Bern : Married

They met on Halloween. They both were attending Penn State at the time, and like most college kids, each of them had plans to dress up in costumes for a night out on the town. Sharone, along with her twin sister, went shopping for their costumes with some time to spare. But Bern, well, let’s just say he waited a little too long. Like, he really had zero time to spare. By the time he went on his costume search, the only thing he could find was an Eeyore costume…CHILD SIZE! But that’s just Bern. He rocked that costume to a college party with a smile on his face. And that’s the night he met Sharone. Sweet, down-to-earth, warm Sharone. Needless to say, they shared something that night.

Over the years, they’ve grown closer and more and more in love. So much so that when Sharone moved back to California after college, Bern came with her. This past Sunday at The Jonathan Club in Santa Monica, among family and friends and the craziest dance party I’ve seen in a while, they took the first steps toward their united lives together. Sharone, Bern and your entire families – I’m so blessed to have spent such a fun day with you all. Thank you for welcoming me in like I was part of the crew, making sure I was well fed and all the warm hugs and kisses.

Click here to see more of their wedding.

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  • gladys jem - you amaze me. wedding after wedding. incredible ala, that light is to D.I.E. for. Id die happy if i died in that kind of light. HAHA! love youuuuu!

  • Harmony Loves - Ala!! Amazing images and the most gorgeous light! Love!

  • Savanah - Beautiful!!
    I loooove the shot of the little girls too cute, and the colors are so perfect.

  • Sharone Hadari - Ala, you are truly amazing. This day couldn’t have been any more perfect! xoxo

  • ashleigh - holy crap! this wedding is amazing!! LOVE IT! great job ala!

  • JACKIE WONDERS - love the under the lifeguard tower shot!

  • Mary Dunlap - LOVE!! As a Penn State Alumnus I love the blue and white colors added in through out the details…like the flip flops!

  • Rebecca - Possibly my fave of all the weddings I’ve seen you do! Awesome AWESOME work! :-)

  • Paola Gutierrez - Ala, you’re a very talented photographer, I am so excited to see what you’re going to capture on Sergio’s and my wedding day.

  • Megan Welker - these are simply gorgeous Ala!! I love the coloring and lighting. You rock it girl :)

  • Catie Ronquillo - Love love love this. And it makes me miss the beach even more.

  • Anna Kim - Insanely gorgeous work, my friend! Love, love, love it!

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