Sometimes it rains…

And just like life, you GET OVER IT.
You put on your rain boots, jump around and laugh.
A huge thanks to Alexandra for playing around with me.

Photographer’s note: all of these images were shot manually focusing. It totally makes you slow down and see things different. So awesome to shoot just because.

So creepy and awesome all at the same time. Love it.

Love love love!! So pretty. Great feel.

love this set! third one down really does it for me… i love the feel. very california :)

This is adorable!

love this! and YOU! Now I wanna go shoot a session all manual. See what you do to me ;)

ala… love this shoot!! so fun.. when will you have time to shoot allison and I.. we are in desperate need of new photos!! Cheers love these.! kyle@s28

Very fun! Love them all… especially all the randomness :-)

thumbs up ;)

These images are so light and fun. I seriously need to this sometime. Also, I love how you captured the hints of sunlight in the 4th and 5th photos. So pretty!

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