To my Mother

When I think of you, tears come to my eyes. Happy, special, very grateful tears. Tears full of stories and memories and lessons and smiles. Tears of love from my life, thus far, spent with you. When I think of you, Mom, I feel blessed. Blessed to be alive. Blessed because I know the heartbreak you endured to conceive and give birth to me. Blessed by all the sacrifices you’ve made to give me a better future. Blessed because you love me.

Thank you for being you. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, right or wrong, for always being you. You are the most faithful, generous, fair, energetic, forgiving, give-until-you-can’t-give-anymore-and-even-after-that-STILL-continue-to-give woman I’ve ever known. You are such a beautiful example of what a mother should be. I’ve said this before and I will continue to say this until my last breath, if I can be half the mother to my children as you are to me, well then, they’ll be the luckiest.┬áToday, I celebrate your heart. Your happiness. Your love. Today, I celebrate YOU.

I love you, Mom. I believe in you, Mom. You are my hero.

And let me just say, anyone that can rock red cowboy boots is on my A+ list. Duh.

Amber and I decided to take my mom to Lunner today. You know super late lunch but way too early to be considered dinner? Or is it called Linner? Whatever the case, doesn’t she look so happy? I love her!

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  • Michell - Beautiful.

  • Rebecca Segura - Beau-ti-fully written Alicia! Your momma is all that Y MUCH MAS!

  • Rebecca Segura - lol meant to say Y MUCHO MAS…MUCH MORE! Love you Auntie Barbara!

  • Harmony Loves - ALA!!!! You are so sweet! I adore you :)

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