Viviana & Al : Engaged : Laguna Beach, Ca

They met on a blind date. But it wasn’t a typical set up. Viviana was going to school for her masters while juggling a full-time job. Week in and week out, she attended class and although at times, things were extra busy, Viviana always had a smile on her face. She’s this dynamic, friendly, happy spirit. She can brighten up any room and definitely makes an impact on everyone she meets. One of her classmates liked her so much, she decided to set her up on a blind date. My friend from church has a son named Al that would be perfect for you, she said. Skeptical at first, Viviana decided to just go with it. Viviana and Al had so much in common they were both surprised they hadn’t met before and just like that, they’ve been together ever since!

Viv & Al are friends of one of my amazing past couples, Laura & Jimmy so I’m even more excited to shoot their August wedding!
Click here to see more of their session.

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