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Look how lucky we are

While on a run yesterday, something happened that I can’t shake. As I was thinking about all the things in life I don’t have,

Traveling Hearts

It’s that time again. Twice a year, a group of some of the most amazing women I know get together for girly-vacation-coworker time.

You’re my favorite

Four years ago today, my life changed. I walked down a very long aisle, in my favorite dress, to meet you, my favorite man. We danced

Instagram, Straight Flexin’

It’s the best way to document my life without too many words. Pretty things, small memories, random getaways, just all around things

One for you, One for me

One for you, one for me. I heard this from someone recently, a friend who heard it from another friend perhaps. Who or where exactly is

Deep breaths.

This is what 31 looks like. For me and me alone. Deep breaths…you just said 31. I must admit, when I was 16 years old, I thought for

Memories of Greece & Italy to share.

A month ago today I was on a plane returning from what feels like a dream. Two weeks of pure European wonder spent in Greece and Italy with


Remember when you were little and it felt like it took fooooooreeeeeeever for a day to pass? Hours felt like days and days felt like weeks.