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Vanessa & Arnie : Engaged

They met on a perfect blind date. I know what you’re thinking…that almost never happens, right? Technically, you’re right, because it wasn’t their blind date. Vanessa and Arnie were both dragged along by their best friends as they went on a blind date. Come onnnnn, Vanessa’s friend told her, I’d do it for you…just come so it’s not awkward. She had nothing to lose and hey, she’d probably get free dinner and a movie out of it. So, Vanessa obliged and expected nothing. Until she saw Arnie get out of the car. His fair skin, green eyes and charming smile made her weak in the knees. And by the end of their non-date, Vanessa and Arnie were smitten.

They still are madly in love with one another. Like, for real, I had to clear my throat a few times to remind them they weren’t alone. That’s just how it should be. Vanessa and Arnie are planning a glamorous affair in September and I can’t wait to see all of their dreams come to life. Thanks you two for such a fabulous afternoon.

Click here to see more of their session.

By Lauren is responsible for Vanessa’s hair and makeup. She always rocks it!

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  • Evie PerezJuly 16, 2010 - 10:35 am

    What a beautiful couple!!! Good Job 🙂

  • AngieJuly 16, 2010 - 10:40 am

    I LOVE IT! Wifey looks beautiful, great shots ALA!

  • laurenJuly 16, 2010 - 10:47 am

    the colors are amazing!!!! my favorite is the tunnel pic! amazing job ala! xoxoxo

  • JeffJuly 16, 2010 - 12:44 pm

    Another awesome set Ala. So stoked for you V&A!!!

  • VanessaJuly 16, 2010 - 12:57 pm

    Thank you so much Ala! You are amazing at what you do and I’m very thankful to you and Lauren both 😀

  • Megan WelkerJuly 16, 2010 - 6:34 pm

    gorgeous!! 3rd one down is my fav 🙂

  • Puanani Tagoa'iJuly 19, 2010 - 9:46 am

    These photos are FABULOUS!!! What a great looking couple too!

  • JeanetteJuly 19, 2010 - 2:16 pm

    love it!!! very nice =)

  • Deborah ZoeJuly 20, 2010 - 7:55 am

    I love all of these, especially that ramp shot…. its fantastic!

  • WendyJuly 22, 2010 - 12:08 pm

    Awesome shots! Love her dress! Ow, ow!

  • Katie T.July 22, 2010 - 1:06 pm

    I love her outfits! Major points in the style department. And of course you never disappoint Ala. You are awesome!

  • JenJuly 25, 2010 - 11:47 am

    these are gorgeous!

  • AbiQJuly 26, 2010 - 4:33 pm

    LOVE this shoot! So cute!!

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